book & cards



Interior design and layout.

It is a pack for dietitians-nutritionists, dietetic technicians and counselors that includes:
- 42 full color cards. Each card represents a topic to be discussed and includes 2 generic questions on that topic, one on Nutrition and the other on Psychology.
- Manual for using the cards. Work guide for the professional, which explains how to use the cards in consultation. Each of them includes Nutrition and Psychology activities.
- Screen-printed cotton bag.
Aimed at dietitians-nutritionists, dietetic technicians and counsellors.

Edited by GHM Health Consulting SLU
Text: Griselda Herrero, dietitian-nutritionist and Joana Pla Sanjuanelo, health psychologist.
Illustrations: Meri Merino

© Beatriz Costo, 2021

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© Beatriz Costo 2021