EMPOWER is a new European interdisciplinary research project led by University of Valencia that will develop and deploy a unique technological learning platform to enhance the personalized education of children with neurodevelopmental conditions through the training of executive functions and emotional self-regulation.The visual image of the project was designed around the concepts of "learning", "construction"and "integration"  through a range of cheerful colors and creating a logo using a typeface converted into meccano pieces. The leaders for the project also wanted to have some image paper crafted images, so in addition to the logo design in vector format, an additional version was created on paper.
Empower thus create a novel educational platform based on new paradigms from psychology that suggest that executive Function and Emotional self- regulation are two key sets of skills to target in the educational support for students with Neurodevelopmental conditions. It is expected that by using a game-based approach, children will improve their learning and emotional skills, better integrate into the educational system, and improve quality of life.

© Beatriz Costo, 2021

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© Beatriz Costo 2021